About us

Our factory in Pomezia, which is an important industrial hub in the city of Rome, is a constantly evolving production business with 40 years experience in the chemical and plastic products sector, specialising in the production of detergents and chemical products for professional and domestic use as well as water treatment use.

KEMIX Srl has developed its business with great professionalism and dedication, embracing further sectors each year, with one department specialising in the process of blow molding.

The great experience of KEMIX Srl’s managerial and manufacturing personnel has allowed the company to meet our customers’ most varied needs in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

Our main objective is to obtain top quality products with a strong focus on ease of use and operational convenience.

Our factory is situated on an area of 20.000 square meters, of which 6.000 m² are covered by a modern and fully equipped industrial site, which allows us to compete with great dynamism and expertise with some of the major local and national leaders in the sector.

The direct management of the different stages of production, from the creation to the finished product ready for sale, guarantees KEMIX Srl’s costumers with a greater profitability, without compromising in terms of quality and satisfaction.

In addition to this, the company offers personalised services allowing all costumers who chose KEMIX Srl to purchase specific products with dedicated packaging and formulation.

KEMIX Srl’s logistics is ensured both by the use of our own means and by our cooperation with important transport companies in order to fully meet the needs of the firms we produce for and offer a fast and efficient delivery service.